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11 - March - 2011



2,000,000 Baht

Managing Director


Mr. Shinobu  Kanetsuki

Main Production


Rubber & Plastic Parts for Automotive

       K.ARATA System takes true customer needs and expectation; for customer value maximization we pursue improvement of continuous customer satisfaction by offering a high quality product, service to contribute to inform called "system". Through improvement of the customer satisfaction, we decide to raise the reliability for us.

     Therefore the penetration (substance) of "the quality management system" which we built, we promote it from the both sides of an organization, the process and develop the spiral quality activity that we plan the more advancement, efficiency, and evolve it for total.    

     Management philosophy

1. production High quality based on the confident for customer
2. Concept of ARATA=+ , Service excellent confident for customer
3. ARATA to be a best company,customer,shareholder,company and employee
   are want to be with us

Address :  999/94 Moo 20,
Bangplee-Tamru Rd., T.Bangpleeyai,
A.Bangplee, Samutprakarn 10540
Tel. : +66 (0) 2-174-5184
Fax. : +66 (0) 2-174-5185

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     Production technology

We inherit know-how of the rubber technology manufacturing consisting of 40 year in Japan and we cooperate and offer the functional rubber commodity of every material.
For example,

  • Plastic+metel press product
  • Rubber+plastic
  • Rubber+metal press product or metal cutting product
  • The insert products and ousert products
  • Such as rubber+plastic+press products

     Technology which creates a metallic mold

We design to suit your needs and production method.
We provide support seamlessly.
We design the metallic mold using 3D models.

Technology of planning material
Not to speak of your existing standard,
Specifications, we suggest materials to the specification of your customer.

Out of various production methods, we provide and propose
And do craftsmanship which suited the customer’s needs most.

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